Sandi is the owner and lifetime lover of speed skating.  She has been in the sport since she was 8 years old, first as a skater and then as a coach and loves it so much she never left.  She has a wealth of experience in speed skating and welcomes the chance to share it with our customers. Please feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns.  She is always happy to talk about speed skating!

ILSS Owner, Sandi Vyse with her dearest speed skating buddy and mentor, Pat Underhill (left) and Sandi at 2 years old learning to skate with her little skating buddy, Peter Underhill.


Yolaine, Sylvie and Captain Underpants…coming soon to a sales table near you!  Watch the new calendar feature on the website for upcoming dates for deliveries and sales table events.

We are located at 1224 Foxwood Lane in Kamloops, BC Canada.  We are a home-based business and most of our customers receive their products by mail.  We never want to become an Amazon type business where you just receive a package in the mail.  We want to know each and every customer and make sure that we are providing them with the best possible products for their needs.  Speed skating is a small world and Sandi values the relationships she has built with her customers over the years.  She wants her customers to know her as a friend and trust that she will provide the best service possible.

And of course, our store supervisor, Louis…the silent partner.