Be Safe, my Friends

We were all sad to have an early end to our skating season, but there will always be another race if you want there to be. Our world is small and how we behave not only affects those close to us, it also affects those farther away. Please be considerate global citizens and abide by the World Health Organization’s recommendations and keep yourself and others safe. I am so lucky to have customers and friends all over the world. None of us can be complacent about this pandemic. We all love speed skating and look forward to happier times back on the ice, but for now it’s more important that we look after the world that we are all part of. Be safe my friends!

Best Deals on Club Skates!

If it’s time to restock the cupboards at the rink, we have some great deals!

Bont Patriot Club Puresprint Package – 10 pairs minimum $299 per pair.

Bont Patriot Club Ultrasprint Package – 5 pairs minimum $369 per pair.

New Bont Carbon R2 Puresprint Package – 5 pairs minimum $349

New Bont Carbon R2 Ultrasprint Package – 5 pairs minimum $399

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Camp Season – Out of the Store

Summer Camp season is upon us, so I’m going to be rolling off to do some coaching.  I won’t be in the store much over the next month, however I will be working remotely.  I can answer emails, but not phone calls or texts, so please contact me via email or whatsapp.  Order as usual from the website, I will be checking regularly.  I hope to see many of you at Speedy Weekend in Kamloops, Short track camp in Oberstdorf, Germany and BC Long Track camp in Fort St John!

Order yours today!

Sapphires and all the rest of the Viking treasures are now available from I Love Speed Skating!

Not everything is on the website yet, so if you can’t find what you want, please ask.