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Bont Blade Covers

$29.99 CAD
Light blue
Royal blue

New soakers made with microfiber material and cotton lining for water absorption.

Clear pocket stitched on one end for identification purposes

2 sizes:

42cm for blades up to 16″

47cm for blades up to 18″

Bont Platinum X NEW!

$699.00 CAD

The legendary Bont Platinum blade is now 20% stiffer. Made with Böhler K390 powder metal tool steel which is slow ground to produce a perfectly straight piece of steel. The powder metal structure is very fine which gives exceptional gliding properties. Able to hold its edge up to 8 times longer than normal steel blades. The new tube inner structure has the highest bend retention of any blade on the market.

Viking Sapphire

$900.00 CAD

With the specific properties of the tube, the special
wide bracket, the high quality materials and the
perfected welding method, the Sapphire offers a
sensational new Viking feeling.

Bont Platinum (ST)

$699.00 CAD

The Bont Platinum K390 is regarded by many short track skaters as the best short track blade ever made. The new Platinum returns with even better features than ever before.

Viking Icon

$785.00 CAD

The latest Viking chassis. Based on the characteristics of the world-famous Nagano skate, but made with the most innovative production methods as used in the top model of the Viking bases (the Sapphire). The result is a great steerable and stable skate that everyone can use. An iconic competition skate, faster, even better and with the lightest construction within the Viking line-up. 

Bont GT3

$399.00 CAD

The WT3 aluminum tube provides a very constant and stable bend. Reference marks has been laser printed for a more precise bending process. The 2 color tube design makes them unique on the market!

Viking Eclipse

$270.00 CAD

The Viking Eclipse offers as you can say ‘Best of both
worlds’. A chassis in the starting price category with the
character characteristics of a ‘pro’ skate. A
great base for the recreational and sporting skater who has quality and functionality as a priority

Maple Comet Laser (LT)

$799.00 CAD

Just one pair remaining – 16″ 38/39


Evo 527 Laser Weld Clap

$799.00 CAD

Designed and produced in the Netherlands.  Top quality laser weld, hand crafted and beautifully finished with the ultimate attention to detail.

Evo Quarq Bi-metal

$685.00 CAD
  • The Evo Quarq Blade offers superior grip while maintaining high levels of control and feel
  • 62HRC BiMetal maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness
  • 7000 Aluminum
  • Designed in Canada and engineered in Holland, premium aluminum and steel sourced in Holland
  • Evo’s innovative cup system provides strong mounting interface for simple and efficient set-up and adjustment
  • Pre-bent

Evo QuarQ Curve ST PM

$685.00 CAD
  • The Evo Quarq Blade offers superior grip while maintaining high levels of control and feel
  • 62HRC Powder Metal maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness